Friday, December 24, 2010


Perth, Australia's brilliant TACO LEG perform at Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY on December 15, 2010.

Video by yrs truly.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


If you live in Brooklyn and haven't gone to see QUEENING yet, I strongly suggest that you do so. These are two videos taken at a show at Paul Shaffer's House in the Bronx, 12/10/10. Queening have also put out a tape that you should def pick up. I listen to it all the time. You can purchase it from Permanent Records of Chicago.

No One and the Somebodies - Suspicious Package

Live at the Yippie Cafe & Museum 11/27/10, video taken by yrs truly.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This First One is Turbosleaze doing "Fingers"

This Second One is ye OLD TABLE doing the same "tune".

Just listen to the sweltering beauty of it. yes.

Monday, December 6, 2010


If you had to choose only one compact disc to bring and listen to in your car, this should be it. An emotion for every driving situation. While a little shakier than her masterpiece, NOW (which I think came out the same year, 1973) it contains vital psychedelic materials not featured on said masterpiece. The glorious ballad, 추억 & the hard rockin'  어디서 어디까지 alone make this worth a (repeat repeat repeat) listen.

Feel the Wind
purchase (from Chicago's excellent Dusty Groove)

IsLaJa / BLaZe MoUnTA in RecorDings R0^d I8

Flanged drum machine bounces while basslines wrap around a sweet voice in the room sound turned aqua tape. A solo is taken by a ponging keyboard evolving into a chime box clanging. Melodies abound, and even tho I don't speak finnish, I find myself singing along. Apparently recorded live, out on Thurston'z Ecstatic Peace! Islaja's website says of it, "Blaze Mountain Recordings is a live document, all music and words by Merja and played by Merja and Jukka. It’s the perfect portal to enter the living world of ISLAJA’s music/art spirit with a unity of traditional Finnish forest mystery and a radical song universe."


AnD I P0Und ThaT roCK!!! - - - Bishop Perry Tillis

HOLY SMOKES - - - "Live performance from 1995 at the Savior Lord Jesus Pentecostal Church in Samson, Alabama. Video shot by Steve Grauberger. via WFMU"

Time of the Assassins